Reduce Stress.Risk.Taxes.

Enhance and protect your retirement lifestyle.

Reduce Stress.Risk.Taxes.

Enhance and protect
your retirement lifestyle.

Enhance and protect your retirement lifestyle.


What determines your financial success in retirement?
The answer might surprise you.


74% is based on how much you saved


26% is based on your rate of return

You can’t fix a problem if you only focus on 26% of the issue.
The key to retirement success is how much—not where—you invest.
We can show you how to catch up from missed contributions without altering today’s lifestyle.

What do you need right now?

Do you want to generate guaranteed lifetime tax-deferred income?

Do you want to benefit when the stock market is up while insulating yourself from market downturns?

Do you need to catch up on retirement savings? Do you want to enhance your savings and reduce your taxes?

Did you start saving for retirement too late or have you faced financial setbacks?

Do you want to protect your family’s financial security if you get sick or pass away?

Are you planning for long-term care while ensuring your family’s independence?

National Benefit Brokers has the answers, with
flexible strategies that adjust with your life circumstances.

We specialize in helping you achieve your goals—faster.


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Executive Benefits


Investment Management

Financial Planning

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About National Benefit Brokers

National Benefit Brokers has provided insurance and financial services to tens of thousands of individuals and families across the United States.

Trust, transparency and communication are at the heart of what we do.

Every situation is unique, and we take the time to to understand yours.

We have helped over one thousand Island families since 2006 .

Got Living Benefits?

We all know someone who has suffered a heart attack, cancer, stroke— illnesses that can leave you unable to work for months or longer. Can your family afford a situation like that?

Smart Leverage

Most people use leverage to purchase a home;
we use it to secure your retirement.

  • Potentially tax-free income

  • Up to 3 to 1 leverage

  • No loss due to market declines
  • Contribute for only five years