Guaranteed Life

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Guaranteed Life

Many of us have reached the age when we ask tough life questions: How do I protect my family? Have I saved enough for retirement? Will my spouse and children be financially secure if I pass away? Will my family be able to keep our home? What are my plans for long-term care? What steps can I take to protect myself, my family and my independence? National Benefit Brokers has the answers, with flexible strategies adjust according to your life changes.

Plans that adjust to life

National Benefit Brokers can guide you in creating a legacy that will last a lifetime. We’re not a “one-and-done” kind of company. Life changes, and so will your protection needs. Once a year—and any time your goals shift or the unexpected happens—we thoroughly review your entire insurance program.

At National Benefit Brokers, our guaranteed life programs are flexible.

They’re intelligently designed to see beyond the obvious risks.

We provide the right amount of coverage at the right time and at the right price.

Just a few Guaranteed Life stories

Bernie D.

Bernie had just refinanced her mortgage and was concerned that the family couldn’t cover the payments if she died—she wanted the mortgage paid off upon her passing. Bernie had an existing life insurance policy with a $190/month premium and $175,000 death benefit—not enough to cover her mortgage balance. Upon review, we also found that Bernie’s policy possibly could end prior to her death and to avoid this, she would have to pay a significantly higher premium. We had the perfect guaranteed solution: We offered Bernie a death benefit of $350,000 guaranteed to age 100, with a lower monthly premium of $171. We also moved the cash value from her old policy into the new plan through a process called a 1035 Exchange. What’s more, Bernie would have to pay premiums for only twenty-five years. Through our Guaranteed Life Program, we doubled her death benefit and reduced her monthly premium.

Thomas T.

Thomas, a retiring federal employee, was concerned about the cost of long-term care. In addition, he wanted to make sure he left behind an income tax-free death benefit for his family. Thomas had researched long-term care policies and found them too expensive. We had the perfect solution: A $500,000 death benefit with coverage guaranteed to age 121. What’s more, the policy included long-term care benefits and assistance if Thomas suffered a heart attack, cancer or stroke.

Samantha G.

Samantha, 35, wanted a flexible protection program guaranteed for life. She had experienced firsthand what happens when a policy doesn’t have lifetime guarantees. When her mother died unexpectedly, the family discovered that her protection program had ended several years prior. They were devastated, as they were counting on the death benefit to help with the mortgage and other expenses. Samantha wanted a program that not only guaranteed a lifetime benefit at a fixed price but that accumulated value. Sam selected a $350,000 death benefit guaranteed to age 121. Her program includes living benefits, which cover eighteen health conditions classified under three categories of illnesses that allow access to the death benefit while one is still living. What’s more, Samantha’s projected cash accumulation value at age 55 is $54,000, and she has access to these funds tax-free. She is paying the minimum premium to guarantee the coverage to age 121, but if she elects to increase the monthly premium, her cash accumulation will increase significantly.

Alan K.

Alan, 63, purchased one of our Guaranteed Life Programs including a death benefit of $250,000 guaranteed to age 121. The policy also includes living benefits, allowing him access to the death benefit if he suffers a qualifying condition. Ten years later, Alan was diagnosed with cancer and eventually passed away. Even though he qualified to access his death benefit prior to his passing, Alan chose not to claim them. When he died, his beneficiary received $250,000 tax-free. Alan had paid $65,520 in premiums, and his family received a $250,000 death benefit.

Clyde J.

Clyde, 56, had three life insurance policies totaling $150,000 in death benefits. But he canceled them because he qualified for a $300,000 Guaranteed Life Program for a lower monthly cost than his three policies combined, and his death benefit was double the previous amount.

Summer D.

Summer, 43, wanted a program that guaranteed lifetime protection while also providing living benefits . Her $500,000 Guaranteed Life Program is guaranteed to age 100, and at age 63, she will never have to make another payment. Summer pays $343/month, a price is guaranteed never to change. At 63, she will have paid about $82,000 in premiums for guaranteed benefits of $500,000. Additionally, her policy includes a guaranteed return of premium feature: Should Summer cancel the policy, she is guaranteed 100% return of her premiums.

Wilma H.

Wilma, 29, wanted a flexible program with multiple benefits. Most importantly, she wanted guaranteed protection to age 121. Wilma had experienced firsthand what happens when a policy’s price increases with age and the family is forced to surrender it, and she wanted to make sure this never happened to her family. We had the perfect solution: Wilma has a $750,000 death benefit guaranteed to age 121, along with living benefits. Additionally, Wilma’s policy builds cash value that she can access as needed. Based on projections, when Wilma turns 65 she will have access to $293,000, tax-free. Wilma pays about $300/month for all these benefits.

Individual results will vary. Schedule an appointment with one of our financial professionals to see how our Guaranteed Life Programs will work for you. This information is not intended to provide tax, legal or financial advice.

Guaranteed Life

There are several types of Guaranteed Life programs available.
We will take the time to evaluate your needs and help you determine the best
Guaranteed Life Program.

Tax-free Income. Long-term Guarantees. Living benefits. Fixed pricing. Flexible and adjustable.

Peace of mind with Living Benefits

Our solutions provide the highest guaranteed lifetime death benefit at the lowest possible price. They are as flexible, adaptable and dynamic as life itself. That’s because our Guaranteed Life policies include living benefits, so if your circumstances change and you face a chronic, critical or terminal illness among other issues, the insurance also works for you in your lifetime.

Assurance & savings

We are experts in helping you protect the assets you have worked so hard to acquire. We take the time to listen, to understand your world and your goals. You need a solution designed for your assets, your lifestyle and your situation. We’ll make sure your coverage is tailored to your needs, then find the programs that maximize benefits at minimum cost.