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Whether you want to grow your assets before retirement or you want a place to keep your assets during retirement, we can help. We have the tools you need to utilize stocks, ETFs, bonds and private investment funds.

How it Works

We use a proven process to ensure your success.


Your benchmark, not the S&P 500, which has no bearing on your personal requirements.

Your Lifestyle Return Benchmark

The LRB is the rate of return your portfolio needs to assure your lifestyle goals and aspirations. If you own a business, we incorporate the value of your business into this analysis.

Your Required
Rate of Return

Why assume more risk than necessary?

Why the Lifestyle Return Benchmark (LRB) matters

The lifestyle return benchmark establishes your customized rate of return benchmark, which is far more reliable than a random benchmark like the S&P 500, which is an unrelated measurement and has little bearing on your personal financial requirements.

We establish your LRB through our proprietary required rate of return (RRR) process. Each year we compare your LRB with your portfolio’s actual return to ensure you are headed in the right direction.

If your portfolio is off track, we adjust your plan and recommend ways to stay on course.

Our objective is true wealth accumulation, preservation, and distribution through
sensible and thoroughly tested portfolio construction practices.
If your planning calls for a more conservative approach, we can achieve that for
you, too. This tactic may result in a slightly lower rate of expected return, but it
provides better protection in the event of a severe bear market.
The goal is not to beat the S&P 500, but rather, and most importantly, to earn
your precision-crafted, personalized lifestyle return benchmark™ (LRB).

Your business benchmark is the current market value of your business, established
through a certified business valuation report (which we can provide for you).
As a special benefit, every other year or two, we update your business valuation
report, so your Lifestyle Return Benchmark stays accurate.

To accomplish your objectives, we use a proprietary mix of safe and conservative investment strategies, core investment strategies, alternative investment strategies, and, if appropriate, a combination of real estate and business assets.  Annuities and insurance can also play an essential role in a broadly diversified portfolio to buffer sudden shocks and unexpected perils. Based on your Lifestyle Protection Plan, we can adjust the size of your safe and secure investments so you can afford to withstand more risk elsewhere if you wish. Regardless of what the stock and bond markets are doing, our blend of proven strategies delivers peace of mind.

Six steps to ensure you are ready for retirement

Valuate Investor & Economic Environment
Determine Asset Allocation Strategies
Develop Investment Policy Statement
Measure, Evaluate & Communicate Performance
Monitor Circumstances Dynamically
Achieve LRB with Lowest Risk

Address your unique circumstances with prudent, long-term strategies that have a high probability of success.

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