Your life insurance policy is your personal property

Whether you are planning for retirement, consolidating an estate plan or facing a severe illness or medical issue, we can help you decide if selling your life insurance is the right choice. We will walk you through the process, explain the meaning behind every number—all policy valuations, underwriting, costs and returns—so that you are empowered to choose the best solution for your financial situation.

We are here to help.

Four steps to unlocking your options


Fill out an obligation-free, one-page form to help us identify your specific life insurance options


Give us a call for a quick, confidential discussion about your policy. We will answer all your questions.
We evaluate and analyze your individual policy and case. Each policy is unique; we will provide the needed attention.
You will receive information about your life insurance options, including an official offer, with all supporting numbers and details.

Option Types


Sell your life insurance policy to a buyer for a an amount higher than your policy’s surrender value. You will have no further obligations or claims to the policy, and all future premiums will be paid by the buyer.
Retained Benefit
Retain a portion of your life insurance benefit without having to pay future premiums. Your beneficiaries will receive a guaranteed percentage when the policy ends, but you have no further obligations or payments to make.
A combination of traditional and retained, this option allows you to sell a portion of your life insurance policy but still retain a portion at the same time. You receive a cash payment now, and your beneficiary receives a guaranteed percentage of the benefit when the policy ends, but you have no further obligations or payments to make.

Why us?

Our goal is to ensure that our clients are well informed of all their options,
providing them with information and materials along the way. We act as
your point of contact throughout the process, answering any questions you may
have along the way.

We have simplified the process with you in mind. We provide continuous, white-glove service with consistency, transparency and honesty as our core values.

One Form
24 Hours
ZERO Stress
Fully Transparent Process
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Client Stories

* The following cases are provided as examples only.

Terri from Fredericksburg, Virginia

Terri was suddenly faced with the unthinkable. First, was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer. Shortly after, Terri’s husband lost his job after three decades of dedicated service. They needed immediate help to face these devastating life changes, and we came to the rescue. “I was kept informed, with constant updates every step of the way,” Terri says. “Because of their professionalism and industry knowledge, I found the experience to be less stressful than I had originally feared.” Terri and her husband were able to pay off the remaining mortgage on their home. Terri then had the financial freedom to concentrate on her treatment and spend more time with her family. “I would recommend the life settlement process to anyone who is coping with a life-changing event like cancer. It is much easier to make tough financial decisions when you are working with a reputable company that keeps you well-informed,” Terri says. “They treated me like a real person. I truly felt they had my best interest in mind.”

Jim from Atlanta, Georgia

Jim thought he had saved enough to last through his retirement, but realized he was in over his head. He needed money to cover living expenses and monthly premiums, which had become more than he could afford. He considered letting his life insurance policy lapse, until his financial advisor recommended evaluating all of his policy options first. He learned about our Life Settlement option, which makes cash available quickly. We helped Jim pay his premiums and update his policy. Jim’s life insurance policy was saved, and he collected $110,000 to cover his expenses. Thanks to the Life Settlement option, Jim now lives free of financial stress. “I am grateful for the service provided to me throughout the entire process,” he says. “It was quick and painless, and it eased my financial worry.”